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Fee Policy

The services that we provide to each client are tailored to the needs of that particular client and our fees are structured to ensure that they reflect the work that we do and the value that each client receives from the services that we provide.

However, because many of our client businesses have similar requirements to others, we are able to offer fixed fee arrangements for a wide range of services, based on a modular system where each service has a clearly identifiable cost. This helps our clients to understand the cost of each of the services that we provide.

When we meet with a prospective client we include an explanation of our fee structure and billing procedures during our discussions, to ensure that the basis of our fees are clear before we are appointed.

If we are unable to offer a fixed fee arrangement for work required, we will give an estimate of costs involved and keep you informed of charges as they arise, to ensure that unexpected bills are avoided.

Our services are invoiced periodically, at intervals agreed with our clients, and we are able to accept payments by monthly standing order to spread the cost of services over the period to which they relate.

We do not provide specific quotes by telephone but if you would like to arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your accountancy and taxation requirements please contact us.

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Please contact us if you need further advice, have any questions about our services, would like a free consultation or a fixed fee quote.

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